Your photos. Their smartphone.
In seconds.

No more CDs, thumb drives, or clunky galleries.

With CaptureLife, full resolution images are published directly to customers’ smartphones using a personalized text message and email notification reflecting your brand.  Now customers have immediate access to their digital photos from any device where they can easily share with family and friends.

Best of all, future photos are delivered to the same account.  It’s that simple.

How does it work? 

Once the photographer has created an account with Capture Life, files can be uploaded via Technicare Classic ROES or PhotoLynx Flow. All that’s required is the customer email address and cell phone number. Once the order is submitted, your client will immediately receive a message with a link to the images which they can view in the Capture Life app.

What does it cost? 

Pricing is per credit.

Delivery of 1-9 images $2.50 to one email address or phone number

Delivery of 10-99 images $3.75 to one email address or phone number

Delivery of 100-1000 images $5.75 to one email address or phone number


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