Studio Display Policy

Displays discounts are offered to help offset costs, get the product in your hands,  and grow your business. Display products & services are perfect for updating studio décor, participating in off-site displays, and allow you to show-off your best work with fully finished pieces.

Show these with pride

Completed display and sample pieces arrive without interfering and annoying watermarks, “sample only” stamps, or other markings that distract from your work.


We believe that this is a great program but we do have limitations and restrictions. Most importantly; do not order display product during the busy fall season. Displays and samples are not available during the months of October – December. Do not mix studio display requests with regular production orders. This could end up delaying the time-sensitive saleable work. We need you to plan ahead as much as possible, sorry rush requests are not available under this program.

TIP: Watch for monthly specials at certain times of the year, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. 

Take advantage and order as many as you desire!

The Details

Limit two items per 12 months in each of the following categories:

  • Prints & Enlargements: including choice of mounting and laminate -25%
  • Framed bundled prints: frame price cannot be discounted -25%
  • Plaque Mounting: edged masonite, standard and deep profile -25%
  • Wall Décor: Float Wraps, Gallery Blocks, Image Blocks. -25%
  • Desk Art: Edged Masonite, Metal Prints, and Float Wraps with Easel, Curved Metal Prints -25%
  • Gift products: -25%
  • Canvas Mounting: Traditional and Fine Art (frame price is not discounted). -25%
  • Image Folios: Double and Triple wing folios -25%

Limit one item per 12 months in each of the following five categories:

  • CollageWall: Metal, Masonite and acrylic: -25%
  • Metal Prints: 20×30 and smaller -25%
  • Press Books: Soft Cover, Hard Cover, Pearl. -25%
  • Photo BooksAlbums: Manhattan and PhotoBooks. -25%
  • Acrylic Mounting: -10%


Display discounts are not currently available for Press Services.