Cathy started as an assistant manager with Westway Photography in 1985 and then bought the company within the year. Westway specialized in high volume school and sports photography. In 1989, she expanded the company to include trophy sales, engraving and sportswear creating a leading competitor in Western Canada’s trophy and sportswear industry. Cathy sold the company to Alberta Trophy and Elite sportswear in 1997 and managed the photography side of the business on contract for three years.

Cathy joined Polaroid Canada as an Account Manager for the Prairie Provinces gaining critical outside sales experience. She was a consistent performer winning sales awards. Highest film sales in Canada Q1-2000 (contest winner). First or second-highest overall sales in Canada in Q1-2000 to Q3-2001. Hit 115% or more on targets six out of seven quarters. While working with Polaroid Cathy could see the end of the film business approaching.

Among the clients that Cathy called on at the time was Technicare Inc. In 2001, Technicare made an employment offer and Cathy joined Technicare in the capacity of branch manager in Edmonton and was granted share options as part of a management incentive program. When Technicare Inc. was merged with Carousel Photo to form Technicare Imaging Cathy exercised those options and became a shareholder in the new company. Taking on sales and marketing responsibilities for the western region in 2003 and nationwide since 2006. Cathy is responsible for regional and national sales strategies for professional and consumer product lines, which includes marketing, advertising, and significant tradeshow participation.