Frequently Asked Questions

Colour Space

Files can have any profile you wish embedded – sRGB, Adobe98, Prophoto. Please note is that files using a profile other than sRGB will not preview correctly in ROES. But this only the preview, your files will print as you see them in Photoshop.

File requirements for ROES order submission
  • File and Folders names must not contain characters other than letters, numbers and underscores. Avoid the use of characters such as… ” ^ & * = | < > ? ( ) ‘ ~ [ ]
  • File names must be less than 31 characters long. Spaces are considered characters. Long file names will be truncated, and can result in the incorrect printing of images. 
  • Files must be in 8bit, RGB, Jpeg format. Files in CMYK or Indexed color must be converted to RGB before using ROES.
  • When saving Jpegs in Photoshop use “Baseline Standard”. Avoid using “Progressive”. 
  • Files can be tagged with any major colour profile. ie sRGB, ProPhoto and Adobe98.
  • Max output is 300dpi. Files with resolution over 300dpi can be sent, but there’s no advantage to this and will only result in longer upload times. 
  • For engraved products we’re looking for vector graphics in file formats: .eps, .ai, .psd, .pdf only.

Monitor Calibration

For monitor calibration we recommend using the Calibrite Display Pro HL Display-Pro-HL with the following numbers. 5500K or D55 for the White Point 2.0 Gamma Luminance of 100CD/M2 These numbers should get you a close match to our output. But the best way to make sure is to submit a test order, and then check the prints against your monitor. Good test images would include images that shows fine highlight/shadow detail and skin tones. For print viewing ideally you would be viewing the prints under the same color of light as you’ve calibrated your monitor too – 5500k. This will get you the closest screen to print match. Using daylight or window light is not recommended since the color of daylight can change drastically over the course of a day.