Frequently Asked Questions

How to open a PDF file?


Our website provides a number of PDF (portable document format) documents. Both Chrome and Firefox have the capability to open PDF documents built-in. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view these documents if you are using older computers or web browsers.

Download Acrobat Reader

Download Acrobat Reader

Once Acrobat Reader is installed, you have two options to view PDF files:

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How to download a PDF file to my computer?

Saving PDF files to your Computer

Download the PDF to your computer for viewing or printing, now or at later date. Saving a larger file to your hard drive is the best option, particularly if you do not have a fast Internet connection.

  • Chrome and Firefox
    Right mouse click the link and select “Save Link As.” Follow prompts to save the file to your location, taking care to recognize where you saved the PDF file. You may then open it within Acrobat Reader.

  • Internet Explorer
    Right mouse click the link and select “Save Target As.” Follow prompts to save the file to your location, taking care to recognize where you saved the PDF file. You may then open it within Acrobat Reader.

  • Saving PDF files to Macintosh
    Either control+click or click and hold the mouse button down on the link until the menu pops up. Select the item from the menu that indicates it will “save” or “download” the file to the disk. Select the file type before you click OK (the file type should be PDF or source, depending on your browser).

Ordering Custom Sizes

For custom sized prints your image needs to be sized to exactly what you require.

You will need to select the next largest size to the size you require.

For example, if you need an 18×38 you will need to select a 20×40. Your file must be sized to the size you want output (18×38).

(Generally, we can only do custom sizing to the closest ½”.)

Once you drop the image into the panel you will need to select the Crop or Fit button, which appears when you click inside the main panel.

Custom Size 01
When you click on the Crop or Fit button it will open up some white space.

Please let us know if you want the white trimmed off in the special instructions area upon checkout.

You must also put a note in the special instruction indicating it is a custom size and the specific size you want.

Custom Size 02
If you are doing a custom sized Metal Print, you will need to click the radio button in the options that says Allow to fit, and you will be charged accordingly for cutting a custom size. Cost for cutting varies based on the size of the metal being cut.

You need to specify the exact size you need.

HG Metal custom size

ROES Client and 4K displays – Small Print (PC Only)

Steps to correct small display size of the ROES client on a 4K monitor. This is only an issue on a PC.

Go to this location:
C:Program Files(x86)\ROES\TechnicareClassicROESWebStart.exe

Highlight ROESWebStart.exe, right click and select Properties.

In Properties select Compatibility tab.

Click on “Change High DPI Settings”

Turn on “Override high DPI scaling behaviour. Scaling performed by:” and select “System” from the drop down menu.

Click Apply/OK, close all windows

Relaunch the ROES Client

How long is my printer is covered by DNP’s warranty? What is covered?

The warranty period begins on the date of your purchase as evidenced by a sales invoice or proof-of-purchase. This limited warranty is applicable to Customers who purchase and use the Printer in the 48 contiguous United States and/or Canada. The coverage is for Parts and Labour only. See Table below for details.

Printer Warranty Period Coverage
RX1/RX1HS The earlier of 1 Year or 30,000 prints (4×6″) Parts and Labour
DS620A The earlier of 1 Year or 60,000 prints (4×6″) Parts and Labour
DS40 The earlier of 1 Year or 40,000 prints (4×6″) Parts and Labour
DS820A The earlier of 1 Year or 15,000 prints (4×6″) Parts and Labour
DS80 The earlier of 1 Year or 10,000 prints (4×6″) Parts and Labour

ROES installation Error 1001

During installation of the native install on a Windows platform the error is thrown when the install is at the “removing backup files” point.

Error 1001: Exception occurred while initializing the installation.

System.Argument Exception: String cannot have a zero length..

Acknowledging the error then removes the application.

The error is caused by files left over from a previous, other client installation. These files are located in

C:Users\<THEUSER>\AppData\Local\Temp NOTE: AppData is a hidden folder

Three files can be present. RWSCleanup.dll, RWSCleanup.InstallState and RWSCleanup.txt.

Delete all three and then run the install again.

Deleting the files will not impact existing installations.

Can you process film? Or print from negatives?

We no longer accept or process film. We’re 100% digital. 

I want to impress my clients. Do you carry any presentation boxes?

Our Boutique Packaging Service is designed to impress and enhance the presentation of your finished work.

Prints up to 16″ x 20″ unframed are sealed in clear acetate bags, wrapped in colour-coordinated tissue and placed in black presentation boxes. A ribbon around the box adds the finishing touch.

Boutique packaged orders can be drop shipped directly to your customer or shipped to your studio location. 

Price for Boutique packaging is a flat rate of $5.00 per order and is now available as a separate order option.

We also carry a wide range of professional presentation products. Products can be ordered by selecting the eStore tab on our website. There will be an additional freight charge applied to your invoice when shipping all merchandise. Cost of freight is calculated based on weight, size, and ship-to location. eStore orders can also be tracked using our Order Tracking System.

I can’t find my external hard drive when I click the “Add Images” button using ROES on my Mac.

To find your external hard drive in the ROES interface click the “Add Images” button and navigate to your Macintosh HD from the drop down menu. Scroll down to the “Volumes” folder and double click to access any external drives that may be connected.

The credit card set up in my Payment Profile does not have enough credit left to clear my invoice. What will Technicare do?

We strongly recommend you ensure the card entered in your Payment Profile has enough credit available to transact your ongoing invoices with us. Using Bambora’s secured portal to transact payment on your behalf is not a free service to Technicare. All transactions, whether approved or declined come at a price; it is a cost of doing business in today’s environment. Unfortunately, we can not absorb this cost when transactions are declined and as such a $1.00 charge may be applied when transactions are declined by your card provider. Of course, our customer service personnel will contact you should a card transaction be declined.